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  • This course provides theory, methods and procedures required to apply molecular information in plant breeding programs. The course will be based on lectures and multiple hands-on activities that apply what is learned.​

  • Instructors: Dr. Marcio Resende, Dr. Patricio Munoz, Dr. Kevin Folta

  • Genetic analysis is explored with a team of instructors who use genetic approaches in their research programs. The objective of PCB 5065 is to strengthen students’ comprehension of genetic concepts, so that they can read and interpret classical and current literature in the field of genetics and apply genetic analysis to their own research problems.  PCB 5065 is designed to establish a strong foundation for advanced specialty courses in genetics and to complement advanced courses in molecular biology.  

  • Instructors: Dr. Curt Hannah, Dr. Dean Gabriel, Dr. Marcio Resende, Dr. Chris Chase, Dr. Don McCarty, Dr. Matias Kirst

  • The course has four modules.  The first two modules focus on building student understanding of basic principles and foundational knowledge of molecular mechanisms controlling plant growth, development and adaptation.  The second two modules introduce students to current genomics technologies, data and analyses with the goal of stimulating students to think critically and creatively about current research questions. 

  • Instructors: Dr. Gary Peter, Dr. Jeong-Im Kim, Dr. Andrew Hanson, Dr. Marcio Resende

  • Dr. Resende co-organizes this annual workshop at University of Florida. The workshop's objectives are to present and discuss recent applied results and theoretical developments in plants, livestock and humans in order to predict the phenotype of complex traits using genomic data. Previous workshops can be watched at

HOS 6236 - Molecular Marker Assisted Plant Breeding (2017 Link)
PCB 5065 - Advanced Genetics
PCB 5530 - Plant Molecular Biology and Genomics
Phenotype Prediction Using Genomic Data
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